Another Casualty of the Culture Wars

Leaders of the Lenses Institute, part of Cru, shut down their ministry of racial reconciliation and understanding due to backlash over CRT and related issues.

Today we see another casualty of the culture wars...

The Lenses Institute, part of Cru, works "towards a day when the ethnically and culturally diverse people of God are seeing, understanding, and acting in ways that display to the world that our God is one." But today leadership felt compelled to shut it down.

The fear-mongering over Critical Race Theory and resistance to racial justice, in general, apparently created a "climate of suspicion, mischaracterization, and in some cases direct intimidation."

You can read the full statement from the Executive Team here.

Part of the context is a statement issued by some in Cru called "Seeking Clarity and Unity"... they say efforts of the Lenses Institute and its personnel to foster diversity "have created distrust, discouragement, and a host of other problems.” This is an age-old objection--the people who point out racism are the source of division.

The deliberate and concerted effort on the part of some Christians to curtail efforts at biblical unity through racial awareness, justice, and equity is ungodly, spiritually immature, and frankly infuriating.

This is only the beginning. This marginalizing and silencing of Christians working for racial justice is happening in churches, denominations, and para-church ministries nationwide. It's also growing more common in the rest of society (cf. CRT bans in K-12 schools).

I’ve said this more and more lately…If you want to understand race, you have to start with the church.