Don't Intellectualize Your Intuition

If you're trying to make a big decision, these words of wisdom will provide clarity.

I had a big decision to make. One of those choices that would have dramatic implications on my professional and family life. It was a choice between taking the well-worn path or the one less traveled by. The gravity of the consequences of my choice paralyzed me. I got mired in what-ifs and maybes.

Occasionally we have to make a decision with so many variables and implications that we get trapped in a mental maze constantly losing our way and running into dead ends.

It was in the midst of indecision that I called up my good friend Branden who is also a licensed therapist and he said some words that immediately helped me think more clearly. It was as if those words were a spotlight shining the way to the exit of the mental maze.

“Don’t intellectualize your intuition.”

Branden went on to explain how our bodies “know” before our heads do. There are physiological signs that indicate peace and harmony and there are signs that indicate anxiety and stress.

He encouraged me not to overthink the decision and to listen to my body and my emotions—to tune in to my intuition.

It’s funny…When I told Branden what an impression those words had made on me, he had forgotten that he even said it—a great reminder of how our words, seasoned with wisdom, can bless others.

Branden graciously consented to explain those words, “Don’t intellectualize your intuition” in greater detail in a post. I share it with you now in the confidence that as you ponder them they will help bring clarity to your next big decision.

From the post…

Intellectualizing your intuition occurs when you dismiss those emotional responses, physical sensations, gut-checks, and automatic responses to people, places, or things.

Rather than listening to your body, checking out what the radar is sounding the alarm on, you end up shutting down your body in favor of your intellect – what you think you should feel, should think, should do.

Read the full article and more of Branden’s writing at Red River Counseling.

P.S. I’ll share more with you about that big decision in the future. It’s still new and I’m still processing.