Grace is giving people space to not be you

In this replay of my IG Live with Kirsten Powers on her new book "Saving Grace," she drops some gems of wisdom that unlock the radical power of grace.

Kirsten Powers has been in situations that require immense grace. She’s been a political commentator on both CNN and Fox News. She knew many of the journalists exposed in the #MeToo movement. She has been the target of ire from people on both the Left and the Right for her views on politics and society.

For her, learning about and practicing grace was an “act of self-preservation and survival.” She described herself as bitter, rage-filled, and contemptuous. She didn’t like that in herself and she saw it in happening with other people, too. So she began a journey of reconstructing her faith and embracing the virtue of grace.

One way she defines grace is “giving people space to not be you.”

Mentally masticate on that for a while…

Grace is giving people space to not be you.

That’s just one of many incredible thoughtful and wise comments she makes in this interview. Some of her other mic drop moments include…

  • How it can look like you’re extending grace on the outside (seeming calm and grounded), but inside you’re emotionally disassociating with a painful experience or situation

  • Accountability is a form of grace. Yet accountability does not mean annihilation.

  • Practicing grace is not just for the sake of other people. Grace is about how it changes you and what kind of person you’re becoming.

She says that after learning about and living grace, “It’s not an exaggeration to say I’m a completely different person.”

In the conclusion of her book Powers writes, “Grace is an idea worth saving, and in the end, it might just be what saves us—in ways we have not yet imagined.”

After reading the book and speaking to her, that statement is not an exaggeration. We are saved by grace.

Catch the replay of our whole interview on IG LIVE.

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