Women, POC, Ages 18-29, with the 30-49's not far behind, and Dem/Lean Dem are leading the pack that DEI is a good thing offers hope. The milk toast pack are led Rep/Lean Rep, 65+, 50-64 and White is a bit more thought provoking to me. The second group may be a little farther back on MLK's arc of the moral universe, starting to lean toward justice but not yet fully. I'm wishing there were an earlier poll of the same nature and ones following so that we have have a better view of what may well be progress.

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This is another case where generic poll questions are not helpful. The question seems to ask about the effectiveness of DEI programs in general. Doesn’t ask if people went through them or what they liked/disliked or if it helped interactions with diverse peers. Given the media coverage of right wing critiques over the last couple of years, it’s not surprising that a generic question would skew negative among those most likely to hear those comments.

All of this masks a void of knowledge about what DEI goals actually are (thanks, Rufo!). Just read that a UVA board member wondered why political ideology of faculty and students was not reported on the school’s “diversity dashboard”. Because that’s not at all what this is about!

Keep pushing back, Jemar! It’s important.

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As I hear rhetoric against DEI I keep wishing I could ask these people face to face whether the Pledge of Allegiance supports uniformity, inequity and exclusion.

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