How to Help Kids Fight Racism

It can be daunting as an adult to talk to kids about racism, but this new book can help.

Whenever I teach, speak, or write about racial justice people always ask me two question:

  1. What can I do?

  2. How do I talk to my kids about race?

I’m so excited to offer you a resource that addresses both of those questions: How to Fight Racism: A Guide to Standing Up for Racial Justice.

This book is based on the adult version by the same name, but it’s geared toward kids ages 8 to 12.

We’re living in a time of dramatic racial upheaval and kids are noticing. They see more than we think, and it’s even affecting their education as local school boards are having heated debates about teaching the history of race in this country.

But fighting racism is too important to leave our kids without adequate guidance. They should learn about race, racism, and what to do about from the adults in their lives who care about them most.

As important as it is to talk about racism, it can daunting prospect even for adults: Where do you start? When do you start? What if you get something wrong?

Don’t worry. You have help. How to Fight Racism is your guide not only to informing kids about racism, but for helping them to do something about it.

Using my innovative model—the ARC of Racial Justice—this book prioritizes the practical. Every chapter has discussion questions and specific, concrete suggestions for how kids can get involved in the struggle against racism.

This book is ideal for kids in 4th through 6th grade, but really it’s going to be helpful for just about anyone.

You can use it as a family or as a community. There’s an grown up version of the book, a video series, study guides.

You can see for yourself. It out January 2022. But it’s available now for PREORDER wherever books are sold.

If you want the kids in your life to stand up for racial justice, then How to Fight Racism: A Guide to Standing Up for Racial Justice is your guide.