It's a Book Half-Birthday!

It's been six months since "How to Fight Racism" came out. Here's how to continue the journey.

Six months ago today my second book, How to Fight Racism came out. It was the day before the insurrection—a sort of chronological exclamation point on why we need to take urgent action now. It's book for everyone who asks: What do we do about racism?

How to Fight Racism doesn't merely offer a list of action items. The real value of the book lies in a model I developed called the "ARC of Racial Justice" (illustrated in the graphic below). It gives a framework to constantly interrogate and improve our racial justice practices.

This book prioritizes the practical. Each chapter is organized under three main headings:

-Narrative Illustrations that paint a picture of the principles

-Essential Understandings that lay the informational foundation

-Racial Justice Practices that you can put into practice

This book is meant to be read in conversation with others, and we've tried to make that as easy as possible. First, there's a study guide available, so you bring the community, we'll bring the content.

If you're more of a visual learner, we've also got a video study available. Eleven episodes, about 20 minutes each to get the conversation going. And it's easy to access. The video study is now included with your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

I'm thrilled to partner with Black-owned bookstores. You can purchase "How to Fight Racism" from these stores:

How to Fight Racism is an exercise in "prophetic imagination." Oppression puts limits on our ability to envision alternate realities. By spending time exploring strategies for change, we may be inspired to create new ways to remedy issues of racism.

Ways You Can Support

If you have read the book (or want to), let me encourage you to take action in three ways:

1) Leave a book review (Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Target, etc.)

2) Share this post with someone you think might be interested in reading How to Fight Racism.

3) Leave a comment below on how you have fought racism since reading the book.

Thank you so much for all of your support thus far. Much work remains to be done and, in some ways we are facing even fiercer opposition now than six months ago, but we are strong and determined. Keep taking action and taking steps on this journey toward racial justice.