Join Us Tomorrow- White Christian Nationalism in the United States

You'll want to catch this online mini-conference exposing White Christian Nationalism.

I thought you’d be interested this free online mini-conference in which I will be taking part tomorrow (8/18).

It’s called “White Christian Nationalism in the United States” and it consists of two sessions:

  1. White Christian Nationalism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  2. Engaging White Christian Nationalism in Public Spaces

The first panel includes a slate of nationally-known scholars whose work I respect and who will offer perspectives on race, sociology, history, and Christian Nationalism.

I’m part of the second panel which focuses on how (or if!) we engage Christian Nationalism in the public sphere. In my view the public sphere includes, at minimum, addressing Christian nationalism politically, with churches, and on social media.

One point I’ll be sure to make is that we have to become well-versed in the contours and characteristics of Christian Nationalism and name them when we see them.

Right now, too many Christians have been so steeped in Christian Nationalism that they think it’s just Christianity. To critique Christian Nationalism, then, is to cast aspersions on their faith. This can only be changed if we continually highlight differences between the Christianity of Christ and Christian Nationalism.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. :-) If you want to hear more you’ll have to register for the free mini-conference HERE.

See you tomorrow!