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I signed the contract for my next book! Let me tell you about it


I wanted to share the news…I signed the contract for my next book!!!

This is book number four after The Color of Compromise, How to Fight Racism, and How to Fight Racism Young Readers Edition (not including more than half a dozen other books I’ve contributed to!), and it’s going to be a perfect complement to all of them.

I can’t tell you much right now, but I can explain a little about the premise.

This is ultimately a book about hope.

It is for anyone who has ever wondered how to keep going, how to persevere, how to take even one more step on the journey toward racial justice.

It is a book for those who are frustrated and maybe on the verge of despair because even the scant racial progress we’ve made gets rolled back.

In fact, if you did a historical survey of racism in the United States, the overarching theme would be one of compromise and complicity. People of faith, specifically Christians, were often part of that racial compromise.

But there’s more to the story of Christianity than merely the failure of its adherents to confront racism. 

Just as there were Christians who created and perpetuated racist ideas and actions, there were those who resisted them.

My next book reveals the stories of the people who fought against racism and agitated for justice—all in the name of their faith.

Through a historical survey of the nation from its founding to the present day, this book gives real-world examples of people who opposed racism, how they did it, what it cost, and what they gained for themselves and others.

This is a book about the eternal wellspring of hope that helps a people break the bonds of oppression and inspires a legacy of liberation. It is a book about how we, too, can unleash that same spirit of resistance.

Now that the contract is signed, the next phase of work begins. I can use all the prayers and encouragement you can send my way!

We’re planning a Spring 2024 release date, but fret not. I plan to share periodic updates here about the process of writing this book, so be sure to subscribe to this newsletter for behind-the-scenes content.

I am so eager to write another book that will support you in your journey of becoming a lifelong advocate for racial justice.

Let’s go!!!

What stories of faith and resistance to racism do you want to hear about? Comment below!

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