One Year Ago Today...

Police killed #BreonnaTaylor

One year ago today, on March 13, 2020, police in Louisville, Kentucky killed Breonna Taylor, a 26-year old EMT, during a “no-knock” raid on her home.

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who was also in the apartment thought there was an intruder, so he fired a warning shot which police say hit an officer in the thigh.

The three police officers responded by firing 32 shots into the apartment. Breonna Taylor was struck six times and killed. Walker was unharmed.

Taylor’s death sparked protests in Louisville and beyond and contributed to the historic uprisings against anti-Black racism across the nation and the world in 2020.

While one officer was charged for “wanton endangerment” after blindly firing with the risk of hitting neighboring apartments, no one was charged in Taylor’s actual killing.

We #SayHerName so we always remember that Black women matter to God and should matter to us. We say #BlackLivesMatter because Breonna Taylor is precious and should be alive today. We protest so that no one else ever has to experience something like this again.