Raphael Warnock’s win in Georgia is a testament to the power of the Black church

The Black church has long been a crucial element in Black political participation.

The insurrection last Wednesday crowded out other historic news such as Rev. Raphael Warnock's election to the US. Senate. Warnock is the first Black person to serve as US Senator for the state of Georgia. He pulled off a narrow victory in a state that has swung Republican for many election cycles.

Warnock could not have won his election without the people and political organizing power of the Black church.

I had the honor of writing about the role of the Black church in politics for the “Made by History” section of the Washington Post. As a student of history this particular opportunity stands out because “Made by History” is designed for historians to give historical context to current events. Much like this newsletter :-)

Read my first piece for the Washington Post, "Made by History" section.

"Warnock’s election to the U.S. Senate demonstrates continuity with the historic Black Christian tradition of attending to the spiritual needs of Black people while also working to change their material conditions through political action. His victory is directly attributable to the mobilization of the Black church. As sites of organizing, voter registration, leadership development and inspiration, Black churches continue to be the nucleus of Black political participation."

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