The Three Colors of Complicity

A new "audio original" from me about the history of racism and the church

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Just in time for Juneteenth, my popular book talk “The Three Colors of Complicity” is now available for download!

Done in collaboration with my publisher, Zondervan Reflective, this is NOT the audiobook of my New York Times bestselling The Color of Compromise book.

We’re calling it an “audio original,” and it is the talk I gave about the book.

If you’ve already read the book, this contains all new information, themes, and content. If you haven’t read the book, it is accessible and will, I hope, interest you in learning more.

I’ve given this talk literally from coast-to-coast and it’s always been well-received, often with a standing ovation in response.

Picture of smartphone with "The Three Colors of Complicity" playing on the audio

I talk about how the historic complicity of Christians and racism is wrapped up in money, violence, and white supremacy. I give several examples from the past to demonstrate how widespread and enduring compromise with racism has been among many Christians in the United States.

This talk also offers some direction about how to interrupt the pattern of compromise and complicity with racism to forge a new path ahead.

It’s about 45 minutes long and its completely audio (done by me!). So you can listen to it while doing the dishes, taking a walk, on a road trip, or however you consume your favorite audio content.

As we consider how to commemorate occasions such as Juneteenth, Black History Month, MLK day and more, building our awareness about racism in the past and how it affects us in the present must surely be part of our efforts.

The information in this talk will help you move from compromising with racism to courageously confronting it.

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