Do You Have Any Questions?

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One of the reasons I appreciate this platform is because it gives me the opportunity to interact with you in a few different ways.

Admittedly, I haven’t been as active in the comment section as I’d like, but this week is different.

I want you to Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Submit a question in the comment section of this article, and I’ll record a video answering your questions once I’ve had a little time to think about it. Then I’ll share the video in this week’s edition of Tisbits.

You’ve got until Friday evening.

Questions can be about anything (hence: AMA)—teaching at an HBCU, how my next book is coming, how I like Louisville, what am I up to next, what do I think about a current event, what am I listening to or reading right now?

Whatever is on your mind, I’m here for it.

This special editions of Footnotes where I answer your questions is only for paid subscribers. It’s one of the ways I want to show appreciation for your support.

If you’re not a paid subscriber, you can become one today and submit your questions right now.

So there’s just one more question to ask—Do you have any questions? Ask me anything…

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