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The provost who objected to that quotation must have a lot shorter Bible than mine. He would have had to rip out a LOT of passages teaching just what you said so that his Bible didn't offend him!

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Hi Jemar,

I hope what I say will not upset you but the more I think about America today, looking back, I am 74 so I have a lot to look back on. I can now see how divided racially we were. But at the same time I don't think politics are as much the problem of racism, gun violence and educational disparity and all the other perversions going on today.

"What is the answer to finding the main perpetrator?" is the question.

As a child, I remember Russia telling America they would destroy America from within. I also think other countries like Afghanistan, China want to destroy Democracy from within today also. Are not England and other countries trying to put forth One World power through Artificial Intelligence, get rid of paper money with every transaction to become digital? That truly would be the end of freedom for all but a few.

We have bad politicians, corrupted parties, conspiracy Theorist and Christian Nationalism all across America. Abortion, sexual perversion is being accepted with great flourish. False preachers claiming to be Christian but only want your money and are all in to create the abandonment of faithful Christian churches.

I do truly believe God is in charge of this world and He knows what our future will be. The Old Testament should be our guide to search for His Peace. He told Israel if they would remain faithful to Him they would be blessed and His wrath would be upon the Nation if they continued in their own counsel. They chose god's wrath. Will we be the same?

Could it be the crux of the thrust of all our national dilemmas are being perpetuated by the countries that hate Democracy. Could it be people are being targeted, seduced and indoctrinated either by their stupidity or avarice to turn on our country to truly destroy us from within. Could this be a possibility or is this a portion of God's punishment on THIS nation Because He provided a way out of sin - Christ's redeeming grace, and we are rejecting it?

God has always called the church, the Body of Christ, to remain faithful to the Gospel of Christ known as the Prince of Peace. Are we not in the same position today as Israel was 2000 years ago? We can argue politics; kill each other over the right to carry a gun or not; kill our babies; be sexually perverted, suppress Black, Mexican or Asian people, purport White Supremacy. We can argue till the world ends about these temporary things. Or we can trust that God in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit is the only way a person's heart can be changed toward holiness and peace so we can let go of our fears? I thank God Christianity is nothing like politics where there is no redemption.

Personally, I could not find salvation in Christ until I saw the rotten blackness or my own heart. Democracy cannot look at the deep darkness that is in each heart only the Light of God can dispell it. Laws cannot change hate to love but God can.

What a wonderful position God has placed you. He has given you all the powers of mind to write and speak eloquently to the terrors of brutality that come from the black hearts of Godless people against racism on every level. He has also given to you ability to write and speak the truth of God 's word that you have studied and know.

What you have uncovered of the hidden things of Slavery buried so long need to be told. We need to see past sins before they can be vanquished. You also can use your platform to bring to Christians the remembrance of their allegiances made to proclaim the Gospel of Christ that brings remission from sin to new life of peace. Political debate and the making of laws will never change a person's heart only the peace of Christ that passes all understanding.

Thank you for your time. My prayers are with you as you stand in the front line of decency.

Sandra Kay Taylor

Huntsville, Alabama

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Thank you for the time and thought you put into your comment Ms. Taylor.

The conversation among Christians about the efficacy of changing policies and the necessity of changing hearts is a long and storied.

I wonder if you are familiar with the quote below from Martin Luther King, Jr. He says it far better than I.

“Now the other myth that gets around is the idea that legislation cannot really solve the problem and that it has no great role to play in this period of social change because you’ve got to change the heart and you can’t change the heart through legislation. You can’t legislate morals. The job must be done through education and religion.

Well, there’s half‐truth involved here.

Certainly, if the problem is to be solved then in the final sense, hearts must be changed. Religion and education must play a great role in changing the heart.

But we must go on to say that while it may be true that morality cannot be legislated, behavior can be regulated.

It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless.

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me but it can keep him from lynching me and I think that is pretty important, also.

So there is a need for executive orders. There is a need for judicial decrees. There is a need for civil rights legislation on the local scale within states and on the national scale from the federal government.

— MLK, speech delivered at Western Michigan University, December 18, 1963

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Thank you Dr. Tisby, for your kind reply. I should have addressed you as Dr. in my letter. You have a very personable and accessible personality so I apologize for my lack of formality.

Yes I have heard this speech of Rev. King. He definitely knew how to express clearly the need of seeing both sides of the coin of judicial decrees and obedience to God. I think your works express that same clarity of mind. Thank you! I just want you to know my prayers are with you. You are a brave man with a heart filled with the love of proclaiming our Just God before a government that needs to be zealous for equity of life for everyone. I want to try to be a voice for the need of changed hearts so we can flourish as a Nation for all.

Sandra Taylor

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Love this book and I give copies away for others to read. I went to the link but the cost is $21. Is there a check out code I'm missing?

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Thanks for reading and sharing the book! No code. Be sure you’ve clicked in the e-book/Kindle and make sure it’s the actual book, not the workbook.

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