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Very nice interview.

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I lost my tenure and was forced to retire early when I spoke out about the racism in the administration’s treatment of my black female colleague at the conservative Christian college where we worked.

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Academic freedom for professors is the bedrock of higher education. I'm I am a biblically conservative and socially active pastor, but I would not encourage young people to attend a Christian college of this type. We sent our children to a conservative Christian elementary and high school, and it trained them to disrespect Black culture and gravitate towards white culture. We've had to fight to win the hearts and minds of our four children back. It was one of the worst decisions of our lives.

Our children would do well at any good school because we are conscientious parents.

We both attend public schools, but we bought the conservative lie back in the day that public school was evil, even though we did extraordinarily well.

Any college that would fire a competent, godly educator does not deserve support.

I would be hesitant to hire a graduate from these colleges, unless it was for a white Christian nationalist college or a white Christian nationalist church.

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