I’m skeptical that adherents only make up 10%. I live in the “sunshine” state and it feels like the adherents are the majority. It’s sickening. Speaking out has earned me more than one frightening encounter with physical intimidation.

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Thank you! This is a good brief summary comparing the KKK to WCN (White Christian Nationalism). No doubt that this mindset still exists as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Thank you for writing this. Is it possible to further clarify how the strict racial, gender, and political hierarchy needs all three to continue to maintain power inside the white evangelical church? For example inside one church the all male elder board recently clarified that its bylaws require a unanimous vote to change the longstanding policy against women in leadership. And when a 40+ year member recently asked for the pastor to recognize Juneteenth from the pulpit the communications person sent a response with a link to an article citing the dangers of CRT and “wokeness”. While we can’t necessarily equate the suffering of slavery with women’s suffrage, for example, aren’t the underlying motives for maintaining these hierarchies coming from the same place? Is it possibly like a 3 legged stool where challenging one poses a threat to the others? Could well meaning church members who support the status quo because they believe they are maintaining “biblical” values be educated on how worldly all three of these values actually are?

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What a great piece! I suppose it could have also been entitled the "coming out" of the KKK, no? . A special thank you for including the NYT summary. I'm going to have that printed on the back of a business card once I figure out the front. It may be "Ever heard of William J. Simmons?"

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This article is obviously from a precious Brother(👦🏿👦👦🏻👦🏼👦🏽👦🏾👦🏿)-in-Christ...

Yet, not but 4 years ago a Beloved Euro-American Sister, also in Christ simply stated the KKK benefited her and the Carolina community she grew up in...

The dichotomy of the two sides is mind-blowing... truly truly, unless God comes in and brings both love and truth... forgiveness and trusting in unity? It Is Impossible !!!

MLK nor Billy Graham were able to complete bringing unity in the body of Christ... across race...

Not that any of us are perfect... only God and his love “is perfect”. Right?

-but they along with the prayers-of-the-elect... they (including our brother here, Jemar Tisby)... are helping lay the ground work for the future... even the future that’s leading in ways incomprehensible... of Christ’s imminent coming...

May I close with this?

I/we will wait...

I/we will weep...

I/we will worship...

Come! Lord Jesus.

Perfect💙. Come!



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Only 29% being classified as clear “Rejectors” is wild. Was there any additional clarification as to how skeptical the skeptics were?

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This data is really important information. Also alarming! Thanks for the graphics, it helps to understand the statistics.

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