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No question about DeSantis' bias (disrespect) agains Black history. I do object to including "Black Queer Studies" if it is not a part of other ethnic/cultural curricula. Black history is not synonymous with queer concerns. I suggest a separate AP Queer curriculum, which can be accepted or rejected on its own merits. Centuries of African American history should not be subject to LGBTQA+ interests, most of whom are White brothers and sisters. A great minority of such persons are Black, so let African American history stand alone.

Having reviewed the curriculum, it is nonsense to reject the entire curriculum for their white supremacist/political concerns.

Ultimately, AP courses are not required, so let students/parents choose.

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Thank you for this information. Given the context, it seemed that Desantis and Florida's Dept. of Ed's motivations were purely political, and this confirms it.

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It seems like a well planned and thought out course. The course appears to progress on a logical path from the past to the present.

When I first heard about about Florida's objections I just shook my head. As I continued to think about it I became angry. How dare this small, petty, and ignorant man dismiss a chance to learn because his own mind is closed.

As someone who loves music and art, how dare he deprive students of the Harlem Renaissance. This could be a whole course by itself.

Shall we also silence James Baldwin? I guess Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s "Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and Jim Crow" is out as is the story of the Wilmington Massacre of 1891.

My fervent hope is that the College Board looks at Florida's stunt for what it is and ignores them.

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I read it. What a course! I wish I could take it. Would have loved to have my kids take it.

I’m impressed that the pieces cog the curriculum being objected to are actually quite a small fragment of the whole course.

Can you imagine such a course that didn’t mention reparations at all? By the time a student is at that stage of this sort of course they actually do not have time to read “balanced arguments on both sides of the issue” and they should be quite skilled at recognizing what biases are involved in what they are reading.

The course is geared to teaching critical thinking as well as introducing a whole lot of content. I hope the rest of the country gets to try this course out even if Florida misses out. We need kids who have been exposed to this sort of material

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