Nov 15, 2022 • 1M

Sneak Peak: Audio theme for White Nation Under God!

This new podcast miniseries drops in a couple days. Here's the sound for it.

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We’re just a couple of days away from launching my new podcast mini-series, “What Nation Under God.” Now you can hear the audio theme for it.

Series Description

White Christian Nationalism is the greatest threat to democracy and the witness of the church in the United States today. From the January 6, 2021 attempted insurrection to efforts to label teachings about racial justice as Critical Race Theory, people across the nation have mobilized to oppose democracy and diverse religious expressions.

"White Nation Under God" is a podcast mini-seres that explores White Christian Nationalism--the beliefs that characterize it, the actions it leads to, and what must be done about it.

The host, Dr. Jemar Tisby, interviews experts on White Christian Nationalism and this series equips you to understand and take action to preserve democracy and represent religion in a way that promotes liberty and justice for all. 

Graphic with Uncle Sam and words White Nation Under God

Listen to the theme music put together by our very own producer, Beau York of Podastery.

The first episode comes out this Wednesday (11/16). Be sure to subscribe to my podcast and YouTube pages to be notified as soon new episodes drop!

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