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The Lord will always pick up His end of the log. We must lift our end and we haven't been doing that. God gave us the power to take this land and manage it in his name (all land eventually reverts to God) his land to be guided by Christian framework and morality. Not other cultural and religious cultures.

America has grown into the freest, most charitable, and most welcoming country in the history of the world because of that moral framework. That Judeo-Christian structure has the sustainability of 3000 years of civilization.

Our churches must become the framework and structure of that America once more. Our churches must become the basis of our culture and politics once again. The Constitution forbids the establishment of a state religion. Other than that Christians have free reign and should do so while we have a somewhat conservative court.

Churches are full of patriots and good Christians as a basis for organizations.

We owe it to GOD for giving us this wonderful motherland and we should keep it in His name it is the only thing that will save our country. Our laws must always be secular our culture must be aggressively Christian. I am a Christian Nationalist and MAGA. God, Family, and Country.

State collectivism atheism has again reared its ugly head, call it Communism, Socialism. Social Democracy or co-opted American Democrats. It is all about power being centralized in the core of the government and separating individual Americans into competing groups rather than a United America and stealing our freedom and individual power, our power to associate, protest peacefully, or even communicate.

We now live in tyranny with political prisoners, the government pulling opposition politicians out of bed, in the middle of the night, by jackbooted thugs, rigged elections, and the government coercing social media into stopping free speech

Only GOD will save us and only if we pick up our end of the log.

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