The saga of racism, a chapel message, and an anti-CRT Crusade
The true origins of the war on Critical Race Theory are in white conservative churches, outlets, and organizations.
Reactions from white evangelicals to Trayvon Martin's murder foreshadowed the end of an interracial era.
As the Supreme Court seems poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, we look at the Religious Right and the role race played before opposition to abortion
The white supremacist terrorist in Buffalo is but the extreme of what many people already permit.
Many scoff at the idea of taking down racist monuments and artifacts, but symbols shape narratives and matter greatly in the struggle for racial…
Leaders of the Lenses Institute, part of Cru, shut down their ministry of racial reconciliation and understanding due to backlash over CRT and related…
The proceedings opened with a prayer for God's protection of those who wanted to defend the peculiar institution.
GCC alumni composed two petitions of their own to support free academic inquiry and oppose the Board of Trustees' anti-CRT report
My Pass The Mic co-host, Tyler, and I have an honest conversation about the politics and religious beliefs surrounding abortion.
Reflections on the January 6th Insurrection, white Christian Nationalism, and democracy
A firsthand account about the anti-CRT crusade led by the Board of Trustees Sub-Committee