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“Christ in the Rubble”— A Christmas Sermon from Bethlehem

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THROWBACK: White Evangelicals, it's time to "go to the [MAT]tresses" for democracy.

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Can We Stop Calling Elon Musk (and other billionaires) a Genius?

How Justice-Types Can Have “A Heart on Fire”

Why the Far-Right Has Heart Eyes for Hungary's Viktor Orbán 😍

Not the Voice, the Microphone

There Might (Need to) Be Blood

How Far to the Promised Land: One Black Family's Story of Hope and Survival in the American South

House Speaker Mike Johnson's Selective Deployment of His Black "Son"

The Pledge and the Propaganda

Congratulations, America. You Have a White Christian Nationalist for Speaker of the House

"The U.S. Racial Crisis and World Evangelism"

What I Remember about Living in Israel-Palestine

It Was Always about Slavery

We Cannot Passively Accept Evil

What It's Like to Teach in a Prison

Why I'm Still a Christian

“They Should Be Good Servants”: What Christopher Columbus Really Thought of Indigenous People

It's Not Both Sides

Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America

The New Black Codes

Michael Oher and the Exploitation of Black Bodies

Father's Day: A Reflection on Kirk Franklin's Emotional Documentary

Chris Rufo's Plan for Cultural Calamity

Justice Takes Sides

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"What Can We Do about This?"

"Unearned Suffering Is Redemptive": MLK's Eulogy after the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

In a White Christian Nationalist World, Salvation Belongs to the Government Not God

We All Did It: A White Lawyer's Indictment of the White Community after the 16th Street Birmingham Church Bombing

Trump's Allies Are Forming a "Government-in-Waiting" in Anticipation of His Election

What If the "I Have a Dream" Speech Had a Different Title?

At What Point Do We Call This "Fascism"?

People Went to the March on Washington to Do More than Hear Some Speeches

Arkansas Department of Education Goes After AP African American Studies

The Speech They Wouldn't Let John Lewis Give during the March on Washington

Eighty-one percent of people say Martin Luther King, Jr. has had a positive impact on the country

What Early Readers are Saying about The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy

White Supremacy Under Color of Law

Addressing Racial and Religious Trauma through Mental Health Care with Adebisi Gbadamosi

Fighting Racism in the Incarceration System

How White Allies Can Talk to Other White People about Racism with Shelley and David Park

Racial Justice at Work and in the Environment with Abigail Oduol

Confronting Racism in Homeschooling with Brytni McNeil

Frederick Douglass' OTHER Fourth of July Speech: "The Slaveholders' Rebellion"

Real Stories from Real People

Here's an update on my latest book!

SCOTUS Decision on Affirmative Action Reminds Us Racial Discrimination is the "American Way"

🚨Coming Soon! New "Fighting Racism" Series

REPOST: A Juneteenth Teach-in

Reflections on the Anniversary of the Murder of the Emanuel Nine

Let's Make Juneteenth a Day OFF Not a Day ON for Black People

Kids Need Diverse Visual Representation

“Turn Me Loose!”: The Assassination of Medgar Evers

Rise Up & Flourish

"Stand Your Ground" Double Standard?

Guess Which Groups View DEI Most Negatively...and Why That Is So Harmful

Christianity and Critical Race Theory

The War Against Woke Is Modern-Day Racial Compromise and Complicity

We Remember George Floyd, and We Refuse to Quit

A "Gospel-Changed Soul": My Recollections of Tim Keller

The People v. Jemar Tisby

Dancing in the Darkness with Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III

Esteemed Retired Board Member and Black Evangelical, Dr. William E. Pannell, Supports Taylor University Professor

Homelessness, Mental Health, and How We Failed Jordan Neely

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Podcast Series- "Those Meddling Kids": Unmasking the Anti-CRT Crusade in Christian Higher Ed

Taylor University President Calls for Forums and Prayers in Response to Professor's Story of Dismissal

"Shaken and Heartsick"- Another Professor at a Christian University Fired for Racial Justice Teachings

Reminder: April is Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi

It Can Happen Here: The Links Between White Christian Nationalism and Fascism

It's My Birthday! Three Ways to Help Me Celebrate

Now We Call It White Christian Nationalism. It Used to Just Be Called the KKK

Mass Shootings are Just One Type of Gun Violence

The New "Redeemers"

What the Tennessee GOP Did Is Legislative Terrorism

King Did Not Simply Die, He Was Murdered

🚨EXCLUSIVE- They fired him, he’s firing back: an interview with Professor Sam Joeckel

They Fired Him

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It's Time to Hold Far-Right Christian Colleges Accountable

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What If We Made Black History Month…Longer?

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Documentary Premier: Our Cornerstone

Grief by your side and hope in your pocket

Read the AP African American Studies Standards for Yourself

Just 13 percent of Black people say the Black Church has been most helpful to Black people in recent years.

MLK's Economic Agenda

Three Ways to Celebrate MLK Day

You Fight Bad Religion with True Religion

In Pursuit of Justice

The Emancipation Proclamation