Sitemap - 2021 - Footnotes by Jemar Tisby

FIRST LISTEN: How to Fight Racism, Young Readers Edition, Chapter 1 Audio

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Why Removing Racist Symbols and Monuments Matters

Receive the Kingdom Like an Infant

Losing Your Biggest Fan

Why It’s So Hard for Black-led Nonprofits to Raise Money

The 10th Anniversary of The Witness!

Grace is giving people space to not be you

Can We Have Grace without Selling Out?

What It's Like to Publish an Op-ed for a National News Outlet

What the Netflix Series “Colin in Black and White” Teaches us about Race, Parenting, and Growing Up

Are White People Inherently Racist?

Happening Tonight!

New Book Alert: Count It All Joy by John Perkins

How Far For Freedom?

In Order to Love Your Neighbor, Start with Yourself

Watch- White Christian Nationalism: How Racism Undergirds Christian Nationalism

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Listen: Healing Racial Trauma with Sheila Wise Rowe

How to Help Kids Fight Racism

Video: White Christian Nationalism in the United States

New Book Alert: Bad Faith by Randall Balmer

Next Time They Say the Civil War Wasn't About Slavery...

Podcast: Politicizing the Pandemic Means Educators Can't Fulfill Their Most Important Responsibility

Don't Intellectualize Your Intuition

Join Us Tomorrow- White Christian Nationalism in the United States

Personal Update: Phinally Done!

Another Casualty of the Culture Wars

6 Months after the Capitol Insurrection, A New Resource for Fighting Christian Nationalism

It's a Book Half-Birthday!

This Is the article on Critical Race Theory I've been waiting for.

How to Continue the Juneteenth Journey

5 Lessons the Tulsa Race Massacre Teaches Us about Racism Today

Today in History: Plessy v. Ferguson

Three Weeks Before His Murder MLK Said "America is Still a Racist Country."

The GOP’s “Trigger the Left” Strategy for Winning Elections

Beginning Again with the Sum of Us

The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is One Victory in a Much Longer Struggle

Fannie Lou Hamer Died March 14, 1977. Here's what her death teaches us.

One Year Ago Today...

Leave LOUD: Jemar Tisby's Story

There's More to Say about Black People and the Vaccine and Voting Rights

Trump's acquittal requires retaining a sense of righteous anger

Podcast: How One Movie Shaped the Narrative of White Supremacy for a Century

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Audio: Four Reasons Why You Should Join the "How to Fight Racism" Book Study Group

Not Just Another Book Study

How to Lead Your Church or Faith Community when They are Resistant to Racial Justice

The Evangelical Colbert?

Just a Few Hours Left...

This MLK Day, white evangelicals again have a choice to make on racial justice

The Racist Roots of the Capitol Insurrection

Raphael Warnock’s win in Georgia is a testament to the power of the Black church

What Is Christian Nationalism?

Some Initial Thoughts about the Insurrection at the Capitol

New Book Alert: How to Fight Racism

Three Reasons Why You Should Pre-order a Book

6 Facts You May Not Know about the Emancipation Proclamation