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This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed

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A First Time for Everything…and Not the Last!

The Christmas Rom-Com

WNUG Ep. 5- How I Escaped the Web of White Christian Nationalism

Maximalists for Love

It’s Giving Tuesday. Don’t Just Give Money, Give Knowledge

🚨New Series: I'm Dreaming of a NOT White Christmas

WNUG Ep. 4- How Christians Can Resist White Christian Nationalism

What Real Patriotism Looks Like

WNUG Ep. 3- White Christian Nationalism and the January 6, 2021 Insurrection

Black People Know How to Fight Racism, But We Also Know White People

WNUG Episode 2- How White Christian Nationalism Threatens Democracy

"White Nation Under God", Ep. 1- What is White Christian Nationalism?

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A Modern-Day Reformation in the U.S. Church

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🎥The New Crusades

🎧Can Evangelicals Ever Break Ties with the Republican Party?

Faith on the Ballot

The Legacy of Red-Lining: Racist Home Appraisals

🚨New Book Alert- Color Courageous Discipleship

White Christian Nationalists Are Scrambling to Respond to Public Criticism of their Ideology

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The Article that Changed My Outlook on Policing

"They should be good servants and intelligent": What Columbus Thought of Indigenous People

My New Job at Simmons College

WATCH- The Elaine Massacre: A Teach-In

Tomorrow--The Elaine Massacre: A Teach-In

The Elaine Massacre: A Teach-In

The People Who Don't Have Any Questions

Reform, Race & Religion: A Conversation about the Church and Justice

AUDIO: How History Can Give Us Hope

How Faith Leaders Are Responding to Jackson's Water Crisis

Why We Should Repeal the Death Penalty

"Those Meddling Kids" Now Available in Podcast Form!

How White Christian Nationalism Violates the Third Commandment (among others)

The Gospel and Christian Nationalism

The Real Problem with Historians and "Presentism"

It's Back to School Season...Have You Talked to Your Kids about Racism?

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Let’s Talk about Incarceration

New Episodes: A Pastoral Response + Protesting the Anti-CRT Crusade

New Release- Building an Antiracist Culture + Healing from Racial Trauma

New Episodes: The Anti-CRT Industrial Complex + The Antiracist Witness of the Black Church

New Release: A History of Racism in Christian Higher Ed + White Christian Nationalism

New Release: Those Meddling Kids + What Is CRT?

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"How to Fight Racism" Celebration Giveaway

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White Evangelicals, it's time to "go to the [MAT]tresses" for democracy.

Have you heard about Curt?

Why Are Some Christian Institutions So Bad at Remembering Their Racial History?

ICYMI: A Conversation about Christian Nationalism on NPR's 1A

A Conversation about Christian Nationalism on NPR’s 1A

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AUDIO: "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?": An Independence Day Teach-In

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?: An Independence Day Teach-In

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VIDEO: A Juneteenth Teach-in

The Three Colors of Complicity

New Book Alert: Evangelical Anxiety by Charles Marsh

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Why It's Important that a Black Man from Mississippi, Bennie Thompson, Is Leading the January 6th Committee

Read this to Understand White Christian Nationalism's Role in the January 6th Insurrection

Marjorie Taylor Greene said Christian Nationalism is not a threat. Here's why she's wrong.

How an Attempt to Ban Books in Hillsdale, Michigan Exposed Ties to the Anti-CRT Industrial Complex

ICYMI: The Leaders of the Lutheran Church (LCMS) Are on Anti-CRT Crusade

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The Myth that Powers White Christian Nationalism

The “Example of Grove City College” Is Spreading

An Open Letter to the Board of Trustees at Grove City College

Experts Have Been Warning Us about White Supremacist Terrorism for Years. Will we listen?

The Shooting in Buffalo Happened within a Context of Complicity with White Supremacy

This Book Is Not For Everyone…

The Grove City College Board of Trustees Meets This Week. Here's What They Should Do about Racism.

Abortion and the Black Community

Abortion, Racism and the True Origins of the Religious Right

The Letter from White Clergymen that Prompted MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

Alumni at Grove City College Mobilize in Support of Racial Justice

The Lone Black Professor at Grove City College Speaks Out

New Book Alert- The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy

IG Live: Racial Compromise and Complicity at Grove City College

New Book Alert! Truth's Table: Black Women's Musings on Life Love and Liberation

Racial Compromise and Complicity at Grove City College

New Book Alert! Faithful Antiracism: Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change

How Do Kids Explain Racism and What to Do about It?

VIDEO: Monuments and Memory, a mini-docuseries

Some Common Complaints Evangelical Conservatives Have about History

Introducing the How to Fight Racism Young Readers Edition Total Package!

The Prayer Offered at the State Convention when Mississippi Joined the Confederacy

8 Questions to Ask to See if Your Child's School Is Antiracist

Trayvon Martin's Murder and the Death of the Evangelical Racial Reconciliation Movement

These Videos Will Help Kids Understand Racism

New Video!-"More than a Meme: The True Significance of Black History Month"

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3 Signs It's Time to Talk to Your Kids about Racism

I Guarantee You'll Learn Something New about Racial Justice

We Have the Words of King but Not His Walk

This Book Will Be Banned

My Latest for CNN: Have we truly seen justice in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery's killers?

The U.S. Is Not Destined to Be a Democracy Forever

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